Washington joined Colorado in voting for Initiative 502 to legalize adult-use marijuana in November 2012 and opened its market shortly after Colorado.
Legalization Dates:Medical: I-692 passed in 1998 (full text)
Adult-Use: I-502 passed in the November 2012 election (full text)
Relevant Legislation:Marijuana Regulation in Washington State

COVA summary of Washington laws
Regulatory Bodies:Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board
Licensing & Taxation Model:There are three main licensing tiers in Washington state: marijuana producer, processor, or retailer. There are also transportation licenses that are very limited in scope.
Washington prohibited vertical integration, meaning that one entity can hold a producer and processor simultaneously but a producer or processor cannot also be a retailer.
Washington adult-use customers pay a 37% excise tax at the time of purchase. Medical patients are exempt from this excise tax. Medical patients can also purchase 3 times the daily limit as adult-use customers.
Example Firms: Northwest Cannabis Solutions, Grow Op Farms, Artizen Cannabis Companies, BMF Washington
Industry Associations:Washington Cannabusiness Association (WACA)
Washington Sungrowers Industry Association
Market Size:In fiscal year 2019, the state’s 482 dispensaries generated over $1 billion in revenues that generated over $390M in state tax revenue. In total the state has 1,410 licensees, but fewer dispensaries per capita than a number of other states (source).
As of May 30, 2020
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