Nevada has an active adult-use and medical marijuana industry and is notable for high levels of tourism. Nevada’s industry operates in the shadow of the gaming industry, which has significant interest in retaining its central role in the tourism economy and is currently prohibited from direct involvement in the marijuana industry due to federal illegality.
Legalization Dates:Adult-Use – Jan 1, 2017
Medical –
Relevant Legislation:Nevada Medical Marijuana Act – Approved by voters in 1998
Assembly Bill 453 – Legalized medical use in 2001
Senate Bill 374 – Established commercial medical marijuana on June 12, 2013. Nevada has reciprocity for medical marijuana card holders from other states.
Initiative to Regulate and Tax Marijuana (Question 2)  – Approved by voters in 2016
Assembly Bill 533 – Created Cannabis Compliance Board
Senate Bill 32 – Provided additional disclosure regarding adult-use industry
Assembly Bill 341 – Legalized cannabis consumption lounges
Summary of Nevada State Marijuana Laws (Cova)
Regulatory Bodies:Nevada Department of Taxation’s Marijuana Enforcement Division
Cannabis Compliance Board
Licensing Model:Limited licensing – The ballot initiative that led to adult-use legalization set a maximum number of retail outlets. Those already holding medical marijuana licenses had first access to adult-use licenses. I was directly involved in litigation regarding the process used by the state of Nevada for issuing additional adult-use licenses.
Example Firms: Green Thumb Industries (Essence), Planet 13 Holdings, Acres Cannabis
Industry Associations:Nevada Cnnabis Association (formerly Nevada Dispensary Association)
Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association
Notable EventsAugust 24, 2015 – First dispensary, Euphoria Wellness, opened
Articles:CCB Releases Annual Demographic Study of Nevada’s Cannabis Industry (March 16, 2022)
Betting on Cannabis – December 8, 2019 – The Nevada Independent
Marijuana Coverage from the Nevada Independent
Las Vegas is Legalizing Cannabis Consumption Lounges –
Nevada marijuana dispensaries still finding their niche (Las Vegas Review-Journal, April 2018)
As of June 15, 2022
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