Industry Data & Reports

Below I have compiled a list of data sources and reports on the marijuana/cannabis industry. Suggestions for additions are always welcome! Last updated: August 11, 2018

Specific Reports

Government Websites
Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division – MED Licensed Facilities
Colorado Department of Revenue – Marijuana Tax Data
Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment – Medical marijuana statistics and data
City of Denver – Marijuana Data & Statistics
Denver Public Health – Marijuana Data
Statistics Canada – Cannabis Stats Hub
National Institute on Drug Abuse – Marijuana

Specific Government Laws & Regulations
City of Denver Social Consumption
California Regulations for shops, distributors and testers (PDF)
California Regulations for cultivators (PDF)
California Regulations for manufacturers (PDF)

Commercial & Non-Governmental Sources
Marijuana Policy Group (Colorado)
Marijuana Business Daily – Marijuana Industry Data and Charts
BDS Analytics (commercial firm specializing in point-of-sale, product level data)
New Frontier Data (which also owns Hemp Business Journal)
New Leaf Data Services (and Cannabis Benchmarks division)
Canna Ventures Cannabis Sales Data
Open Cannabis Project Data