Florida has a large medical marijuana market but has not yet legalized adult-use marijuana. The state did not permit flower sales for the first 3 years of legalization and as of May 2020 has not legalized edibles.
Legalization Dates:Medical – 2016
Relevant Legislation:Amendment 2 – Legalizing medical cannabis was supported by 71.3% of Floridians in 2016.
Senate Bill 8A – Legalized medical cannabis
 Senate Bill 1020 – Established a state hemp program
Regulatory Bodies:Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use
Licensing Model:Limited licensing – The State of Florida sets a quota on the number of available licenses. The state started with only eight licenses, then approved four more, then another four, and as of May 2020 has 22 currently licensed operators. Of those 22, only 13 are currently producing and dispensing products. Florida also requires vertical integration, as described in this article.
Example Firms: Trulieve holds a majority share in the Florida medical market with 48 stores in Florida and 50 nationwide.
Industry Associations:Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida (MMBAFL)
Florida Medical Cannabis Industry Association (FMCIA)
Florida Cannabis Action Network
Notable EventsMarch 2019 – Prohibition on smoking marijuana was lifted
January 13, 2020 – Sen. Jeff Brandes (R) introduced bill SB 1860, which would legalize cannabis for adults 21 years and older. The bill died in the state Senate in March 2020.
As of May 25, 2020
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