DU Alumni in Industry

The cannabis industry is growing too quickly to provide a comprehensive list of key individuals in the Colorado market, let alone key individuals nationally or internationally. However I have compiled a list of DU alumni (and other related individuals) who are associated with the cannabis industry. Suggestions for additions or corrections are always welcome. Last updated: August 30, 2019.

Daniels Alumni on LinkedIn with “cannabis” in their profile (50 as of Aug 30, 2019, 47 as of May 8, 2019, 37 as of May 4, 2018, 25 as of May 13, 2017)
Daniels Alumni on LinkedIn with “marijuana” in their profile (33 as of Aug 30, 2019, 38 as of May 8, 2019, 30 as of May 4, 2018, 30 as of May 13, 2017)

Courtney Barnes, Associate Attorney, Vicente Sederberg LLC, DU Law Grad 2017, Profile
Jerico Perez Bennett, Associate, Vicente Sederberg LLC, DU Law Grad, Profile
Ryan Brown, CEO Native Roots, formerly Chief Revenue Officer LinkedIn Profile, June 2019 Interview with the Mary Jane Experience
Joseph Cantalini, Sage Consulting Solutions, MBA/MA 2007, LinkedIn Profile
Nathan Cocanour, Account Executive, Leafly, LinkedIn Profile
Carter Davidson, VP of Growth, Vangst (formerly VP of Sales, Baker Technology) Daniels MBA/MA 2006 LinkedIn Profile
Orin Dlin, Manager Green Cross Caregivers, Daniels BSBA 2017
William Eagan, Distillation Manager at Colorado Cannabis Company, BA 2015, LinkedIn Profile
Steve Flaks, VP of Sales, BioTrack THC, LinkedIn Profile
Amanda Fox, Pioneer Interests, Daniels PMBA student, Profile
Fran Garzelloni, Cannabis & Hemp Recruiter at Bradsby Group, BA 2017, LinkedIn Profile
Greg Gershengorin, Denver Clone Store, LinkedIn Profile
Chloe Grossman, Policy Specialist, Vicente Sederberg LLC and Deputy Directory of VS Strategies, DU Sociology/Pyschology 2011 Grad, Profile
Sue Harank, Co-Founder/CEO, MRM Compliance, LinkedIn Profile
Shawn Hauser, Senior Associate, Vicente Sederberg LLC, DU Law Grad, Profile
Joe Hodas, President/COO at GoFire Inc, DU Mass Communications/PR 1996, Linkedin Profile
Justin Johnson – Associate, Vicente Sederberg LLC, DU Law Grad, Profile
Tommy Joyce, Co-founder, Key To Cannabis (formerly Black Rock Originals), LinkedIn Profile
Darren Kaplan, Associate, Hoban Law Group, DU Law Grad 1998, Profile
Joshua Kappel – Partner, Vicente Sederberg LLC, DU 2010 Law Grad, Profile
Zaphne Kemp, Co-Founder, Ganja Capital Advisors, BSBA 2008, MBA 2009, LinkedIn Profile
Brendan Kinney, Controller, SJ3D Holdings (Nevada medical marijuana company), LinkedIn Profile
Mickey Kreger, COO, NativeRoots, Daniels EMBA, LinkedIn Profile
Jill Lamoureux, Pure O&M, Daniels MBA, LinkedIn Profile
Nick Levich, Co-founder, Key To Cannabis (formerly Black Rock Originals), Linkedin Profile
Bruce Nassau, CEO, Tru Cannabis
Michael O’Neill, Safe Harbor Private Banking, MBA 2009, LinkedIn Profile
Amy Poinsett, MJ Freeway LinkedIn Profile, DU BSBA 1990
Alexander Romero, Beacon North Consulting, DU MBA, LinkedIn Profile
Evan Romero, Larimer Resources, DU MAcc
Brian Ruden, CEO, Starbuds (former lawyer and DU law graduate) – MSNBC Pot Barons of Colorado profile, LinkedIn Profile
Jessica Scardina, Associate, Vicente Sederberg LLC, DU Law Grad, Profile
Matthew Shifrin, Pioneer Interests, Daniels BSBA Finance/Economics, Profile
Bill Silver, CEO, Cannacraft, former Daniels Sr. Associate Dean and former Dean, School of Business and Economics at Sonoma State University – (Jan 2018 Interview)
Ryan Smith, COO Cure Holdings, previously The Clinic, Dollar General, The Gap, LinkedIn Profile
Christopher Stefan, Desarollo Real Estate, LinkedIn Profile
Judy Steele, Director, Accela Center of Expertise – Cannabis Regulation, BBA 2008, LinkedIn Profile
Ray Thompson, COO, MJ Freeway, DU MBA 1994 LinkedIn Profile
Frank Traylor, Cofounder Terra Health Care Labs, Daniels MBA LinkedIn Profile
Brian Vicente – Partner and Founding Member, Vicente Sederberg LLC, DU Law Grad, Profile
Leif Wagner, Owner – Mile High Green Cross, LinkedIn Profile
Jane West (aka Amy Dannemiller) DU Social Work – Cannabist article, LinkedIn Profile
Seth Yakatan, TO Pharma, Partner, Katan Associates & Board Member, Kalytera Therapeutics, Inc. DU BA 2002 LinkedIn Profile
Adam Ziegler, Owner – Mile High Green Cross, Daniels BS Accounting 2002 LinkedIn Profile