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To date, scholarly academic research on business and management aspects of the cannabis/marijuana industry has been limited. This is not surprising given the relatively slow pace of academic research and its acceptance of new topics and domains. A summary of my own activities is provided on another page. Below I have tried to summarize available published and working papers as well as highlighting academic articles based on other industries that have insights for the cannabis industry. Suggestions for additions are always welcome. Last updated: July 27, 2019.

Journal of Cannabis Research – This new open-access journal is now accepting submissions. I am the section editor for business, commerce and the environment and welcome inquiries about potential submissions.

Scholarly Academic Articles on Marijuana Legalization and Marijuana Business

DU’s Burnes Center on Poverty and Homelessness, led by Donald Burnes, is involved in study of the effect of the cannabis industry on homelessness, as covered by CPR, The Denverite, and Westword.

Management Scholars Active in Scholarly Research on Cannabis

Non-Management Scholars Active in Scholarly Research on Cannabis

Other Relevant Academic Articles From Non-Marijuana Settings

University Research Centers

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