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To date, scholarly academic research on business and management aspects of the cannabis/marijuana industry has been limited. This is not surprising given the relatively slow pace of academic research and its acceptance of new topics and domains. Below I have tried to summarize available published and working papers as well as highlighting academic articles based on other industries that have insights for the cannabis industry. Suggestions for additions are always welcome. Last updated: October 1, 2022.

My Academic Research

Journal of Cannabis Research – I served as the first section editor for business, commerce and the environment at this open-access journal when it first began.

In 2021, I published an article in The Conversation, titled “What the United States can learn from Canada’s Cannabis Clarity” with Canadian professor Michael Armstrong.

In 2021, I published an article with a group of legal scholars that provides an overview of the legal standing of cannabis and offers suggestions for future U.S. federal policy. Cannabis at the Crossroads: A Transdisciplinary Analysis and Policy Prescription (SSRN Version)

In 2020, I published a book chapter on the Business of Cannabis for a textbook on Understanding Medical Cannabis.

In 2018, I published an article in The Conversation, titled “Sessions’ war on pot could speed up marijuana legalization nationwide”.

In 2014, I published one of the first-ever teaching cases on the marijuana industry in Case Research Journal – Medical Marijuana Industry Group: Outdoor Advertising in Denver (Available from Harvard Business School Publishing, The Case Centre,

I currently have two academic research projects in various stages of development that focus on the marijuana industry:

  1. The first project examines the corporate political activity of the individuals and companies involved in the marijuana industry. Do the campaign contributions of industry participants follow the patterns seen in other industries or are they influenced by unique factors such as the social justice impacts of this new industry?
  2. The second project examines the evolution of the marijuana industry’s structure in terms of both expansion, consolidation, geographic location, etc. To what extent is the industry’s evolution following the pattern of other industries such as tobacco, alcohol, or pharmaceutical drugs, and what is unique about this evolution?

Scholarly Academic Articles on Marijuana Legalization and Marijuana Business

Teaching Cases

Management Scholars Active in Scholarly Research on Cannabis

Non-Management Scholars Active in Scholarly Research on Cannabis

Other Relevant Academic Articles From Non-Cannabis Settings

University Research Centers

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