Colorado was one of the first U.S. states to legalize marijuana and the first to open its adult-use market on January 1, 2014. Colorado established a relatively open-license market as compared to more restrictive limited-license models in some other states such as Illinois, Nevada, and Massachusetts. After many years of growth, the market experienced a decline in sales during 2022.
Legalization Dates:Medical: 2000 via Amendment 20
Adult-Use: 2014 via Amendment 64
Relevant Legislation:Colorado Retail Marijuana Code (HB 13-1317) (Associated Regulations are 1 CCR 212-2)
Summary of Colorado Marijuana Laws (State of Colorado)
Summary of Colorado Marijuana Laws (COVA)
Regulatory Bodies:Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED)
Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE)
Licensing Model:Open licensing – no quota on number of licenses.
15 license categories (8 Medical, 7 Retail)
Example Firms: Colorado Retailers – Among the most prominent Colorado firms are Native Roots (20 locations and licenses in Canadian province of Manitoba, Interview with CEO Ryan Brown), LivWell (19 locations and also in Oregon and Alberta, acquired 5 Mindful locations in May 2020), The Green Solution (22 locations), Green Dragon (15 locations), Starbuds (13 locations in Colorado, plus Baltimore, Okalahoma, Jamaica and also involved in Louisiana), Lightshade (9 locations), Silver Stem Fine Cannabis (10 locations in Colorado and Oregon), Buddy Boy (7 locations), Maggie’s Farm (7 locations), The Clinic (4 Colorado locations, 2 Illinois), Terrapin Care Station (7 Colorado locations), MMJ America (Denver, Boulder, Las Vegas), Colorado Harvest Company (3 locations), Medicine Man (4 Colorado locations), Solace Meds (acquired previous Sticky buds Denver locations), Verde Natural (Denver and Boulder), Good Chemistry (Colorado, Massachusetts and Nevada), Cure Holdings (Colorado, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma). Other Colorado dispensaries include Botanico, Euflora (6 Colorado locations), Lucy Sky (2 locations), Green Cross Caregivers, Kind Love (Denver and Oklahoma), Simply PureMile High Green CrossThe Herbal Cure (Denver), Good Meds (Englewood, Lakewood),  Backcountry Cannabis (Crested Butte), Rocky Mountain Remedies (Steamboat Springs), Denver Clone Store, Northern Lights, Green Sativa (Federal Heights).

Wana Brands, The Coffee Joint (Licensed Social Consumption Venues. Denver, Westword profile)
Industry Associations:Marijuana Industry Group (Colorado trade association, founded in 2010). Interview with executive director Kristi Kelly, Colorado Leads (pro-business alliance)
Market Size:Colorado reported a record $2.22B from marijuana sales in 2021 , surpassing the previous records of over $2.19B in 2020, $1.55B in sales in 2018 and $1.5B in 2017. Since legalization in 2014 total sales have exceeded $10B and state taxes over $1B. The Colorado industry has been estimated to employ about 18,000 employees These amounts still represent less than 1% of the state’s overall sales, budget or employment. In 2018 the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City produced a broad report assessing economic impact in Colorado (Cannabis summary),  In 2016, the Marijuana Policy Group (MPG) produced a detailed report on the economic impact of the industry in Colorado. In 2020, MPG produced another very detailed report on many aspects of the regulated market.
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